A Cure for the Broke and Travel Bug Infected.

Do you cringe when you ask a co worker how their vacation was?

Do you continuously “pin” or follow pages of places far away?

Are you stuck with the winter blues and feel nauseous with another Monday showing up?

You may have caught the travel bug.

This disease has been spreading with the help of social media. Also once you experience the “awe” moment when you travel, you tend to refer back to it and then the addiction spreads. This bug consumes the minds of many. The 9-5 routine somehow doesn’t seem to make you feel any better.

Don’t lose hope. I may have found a temporary fix. I will soon post my cheap tricks to vacations around $1000 but until that article releases here are some tips. As someone who decided to go to one country then in the same year ended up in three more instead, I am a person living with the Travel bug. Settling back into routine, back in the city I grew up around, and working two minimum wage jobs led me to some “lows”.  It’s quite an adjustment to be back. You may be in a similar circumstance, moving back after travel or simply dreaming of the one day you will spread your wings.

  1. Make goals for your time back/ in this season

Maybe you are use to figuring out the next location, or planning in some capacity. Why not make certain goals/dreams/plans for your time back on your feet? For example, My goal is to save up to repair my car to go on fun road trips. This means more plans when it’s up and running again. Who to visit, what towns, and if there’s something I haven’t tried yet along the way.

2. Be a tourist in your own city

Which leads us to this point. It may seem dorky but give it a go. I challenge you to find a café, pub, museum/art gallery, and shop you’ve never been in. If your from a town of 300 people this may be hard, or just means you should go to the nearest city. Also Google “events near me” and go!

3. Buy a piece of furniture or artwork

You now have real four walls and more then a luggage bag or a back pack. It feels strange at first to stretch out your belongings. Now you don’t have to worry about taking everything with you all the time. Now the word “nesting” might scare you, so think of it as relaxing in one place for a bit. Make it home-y. It feels nice to come back and see art you choose or the new couch you got… also your stuff not used or stolen (hostel struggles). Nesting has it’s perks. *Don’t forget to print and frame photos from your adventures!

4. There is a way to pay bills and “live your best life”.

You don’t have to be 0 or 100. This coming from one of the most dramatic people. Monthly payments seem to swallow everything you earned, sometimes more. It makes moving back seem like the worst decision. I don’t know about you but when resettling happens, costs seem to be everywhere at first. First and last months rent, car insurance, new phone plans, and new bank accounts. Adulting is wild. But wait, it slows down! Just remember to write down how much you need to pay each month, how much you earned, and then whatever is left. The “whatever is left” amount CAN accumulate and pay for fun adventures or things you save up for (probably your next trip). This can help you stay motivated.

5. Routine doesn’t have to kill your spontaneous gypsy soul

One way you can easily feel low is from losing the excitement of being spontaneous. Travel brings out the best and worst in people. When your in a season of life where your not traveling, reflect on things you learned about yourself when you were. Then in the middle of your routine each week, do something different. New coffee shop, try online dating, learn a new hobby. The list can go on forever of new things. My favorite new things usually circle back to giving my travel bug a bit of a fix. Learning a different language and reading a new book that takes place in another country, are my current habits.

One day again or maybe for the first time, you will finally stand on the top of that mountain or swim in that ocean. Until then I hope this will give you a few ideas to keep the budget low and sanity still in tact.



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