It’s not me…It’s you

Exploring by walking, seems like a pleasant idea. I love going to new places and jumping into shops. I also spend time walking around small towns when living in Canada. Walking around, what a normal thing to do. Sadly I wish it was still that simple.

‘Catcalling’ seems to have wiggled its way into a social norm’. Each country isnt immune to the mistreatment. I’ve witnessed it in large cities and small towns.

Why is this a big problem?

From my experience I put my headphones in, baggy coat or sweater on, and keep my head down. All this effort just to be outside. Does it help stop sexual harassment? Well I decided to jot down one days worth of comments this week.

The photo was taken after a day exploring SanFransico. 20180526_195539

“Hey baby, come talk to me” – man inside sports car

“You make big look so good”- man walking directly towards me, in line of my path on the side walk.

“Excuse me momma eh? momma momma!” This man proceeded to follow me two more city blocks.

“Didnt I see you at the horse?” – directing attention to the crazy horse strip club across the street

“Baby bring those thighs around me” -man in late 50s wearing a fitted suit

Group of 5 men in there 20s “ugh Yes” *more sex sounds* while Im taking a photo, with my phone of an art statue

Oh and lets not forget the classic “Hey pretty lady” which turns into asking for sex


The day left me feeling dehumanized and defeated. The comments make me feel anxious and unsafe. This was a normal day. Taking notice really brought down my excited-to-explore attitude.

Is it my baggy, mens size, plaid long sleeve? Is it the jean shorts that reach from the top of my belly button to past my figure tips? Maybe it’s because I was too damn lazy to brush my hair that morning?

NO. It’s not me its you.

The catcalling isn’t a funny gesture. It’s not one that makes you seem more attractive. It’s harassment.

I’ve had enough of this social normal and I would like to press for a change to happen.

Please comment your ideas and thoughts. Also share!

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