18 things to remember in 2018

In the past few weeks I’ve noticed a change in my attitude. After a day of feeling agitated over the littlest things, I knew it was time to sit down and write. Here are 18 things I often forget. I’m shareing them in case someone needed the reminder too.

  1. Love or Fear can control your actions. Be careful which one you give power to.
  2. Success will look different in everybody’s life. Don’t spend anytime comparing.
  3. What you say reflects your heart.
  4. In every country a smile and laughter is universal. Share them where ever you go 🙂
  5. Your value isn’t a reflection of what someone else says or their actions towards you. They own that!
  6. To love someone wholeheartedly, you must first be able to love yourself. Itd be like trying to grow fruit off a tree with no roots or grounding. That tree won’t be able to stand.
  7. At the end of the day choosing honesty is far more freeing. Even when it may seem more difficult.
  8. Every chapter ends. Persevere through the bad and if you can, try to soak up joy from the good.
  9. Words may not last but the way you make someone feel will always stay with them.
  10. Take time to listen. People may surprise you.
  11. Your health goes full circle. Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. They all effect each other.  Take care of each.
  12. The best kind of friend isn’t afraid to offend you. They care enough to make sure you know the truth.
  13. See all that you have as gifts and avoid being frustrated with what you think you deserve. Anger and jealousy will only take from you.
  14. The past helped build you. BUT don’t stay stuck in it. Soon the present will be past and you may miss out on using it to move forwards.
  15. Material things (even food, as great as it is) will not last. Invest in something more rewarding.
  16. Don’t complain. No one wants to be around negativity all the time.
  17. You do not have to feel guilty when your happy. Its okay to be joyful! (as long as its not at anothers expense)
  18. Dont forget to treat your friends and family well. You might not realise how your act of kindness was exactly what they needed. After all, theyre the ones who stick around when things get tough.

Working on these myself. If one stood out to you feel free to comment or share. Wishing you a wonderful 2018!

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