Choosing to just simply be


Quick confession. I’ve been avoiding publishing this website because I’ve dreaded the first post. It’s the apprehensive ground work that can make it or break it. My thought for this blog was to share about travel, life, and faith in a way we could laugh about the clumsy ways I’ve learned about each.

I finally caved on writing about me in this post when I had the visual of how awkward it would be to dive into an in-depth conversation with a stranger.  One without shaking their hand, without smiling, or sharing your name. Just stating a fun fact about life.

Wanting to avoid that scenerio-

Fun fact:

My name is Deanna (shock) and I’m currently living in Cairns Australia. I did my 21 years in Canada (the winter’s can be penalty sentence) but after doors opened up, I got the chance to travel around. So here I am in 40 degrees Celsius. The aim is to take Journalism in May but with some more travel in between of course.

The brief explanation for the title of this post, is that leading up to my adventuring this year I  had to stop and decide what kind of person I wanted to be. The year had brought me to a stand still and got me to question big things about my life. Question’s like, if my life was worth living, what/who will it be for, and how to fight for it. Things I wish I had answered in highschool but seem to keep circling back to.

Now here we are at age 22.

I’ve been incredibly blessed and I’m excited to start this new year. There are too many funny experiences and wonderful knowledge shared, that I was soon to explode. So stay tuned to the journey! Most importantly always feel welcome to pitch ideas on topics or ask questions on the comments page.  We made it through the first post!

We will see you next week on daysofdeanna. (Was that too cheesy?)

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